The Spybrary podcast

One of the best things in the past year has been the appearance of the Spybrary podcast. Spybrary is run by Shane Whaley, an avid spy fan who wanted to create something that gave people a place to learn more about spy fiction and create a community of spy fans.

The podcast has consisted of interviews with authors of spy fiction/non-fiction, discussions with fellow spy fans and book clubs on various famous or forgotten espionage novels.

If you haven’t already added it to your preferred podcast player, I highly recommend you do so.

They’re all great but I’ve highlighted some of my favorite episodes below –

Episode 1 – Shane talks with Rob Mallows about Len Deighton

Episode 2 – Shane talks with author and spy fan Jeffrey Westhoff

Episode 6 – A discussion on Call for the Dead with Matthew Bradford

Episode 007 – The literary James Bond with Tom Cull

Episode 11 – A discussion with Jeremy Duns

Episode 15 – A discussion with Mike Ripley, author of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Episode 29 – An interview with author Tim Stevens

Also, in the interest of transparency, I’ve appeared on the podcast a few times. Here’s a list of shows I’ve been on –

Episode 8 – I talk with Shane about my love of Spy books

Episode 10 – A round table on the first Charlie Muffin books

Episode 14 – I talk with Shane about book collecting tips

Episode 17 – A discussion with fans who went to hear the John le Carré lecture in September 2017

Episode 18 – Shane, Matthew and I discuss A Legacy of Spies by John le Carré

Episode 27 – I offer up an audio review of The Exphoria Code by Antony Johnston

Episode 40 – Shane and I talk about the Spybrary “Shelf of Fame” and how to vote.

Episode 45 – I join Shane to reveal the Spybrary “Shelf of Fame”

Episode 54 – Matthew Bradford of Double O Section and I discuss the Red Sparrow trilogy and the recent film adaption.

Episode 59 – Shane and I talk about the Spy Film Hall of Fame and how to vote.

In addition, the Spybrary Facebook group always has some very robust discussions on spy novels. Check it out!

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