Here is a quick list of my reviews –

  1. Burn Notice: The Fix – Tod Goldberg
  2. Quiller Meridian – Adam Hall
  3. The Nearest Exit – Olen Steinhauer
  4. Brotherhood of the Rose – David Morrell
  5. Fraternity of the Stone – David Morrell
  6. The Gray Man – Mark Greaney
  7. Intelligence – Susan Hasler
  8. The Spy who came in from the Cold – John le Carré
  9. The League of Night and Fog – David Morrell
  10. The Spy who came for Christmas– David Morrell
  11. The Flat Bureaucrat – Susan Hasler
  12. Spy out the Land– Jeremy Duns
  13. Licence Expired – Various
  14. The Coldest Winter – Antony Johnston
  15. Favorite things of the year – 2016
  16. A Small Town in Germany – John le Carré
  17. Operation Finale – A Museum Exhibit
  18. A Legacy of Spies – John le Carré
  19. More Harm than Good – Andrew Grant
  20. The Exphoria Code – Antony Johnston
  21. Slow Horses – Mick Herron
  22. The Riddle of the Sands Adventure Club – A Podcast review
  23. The Last Man in Tehran – Mark Henshaw

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