Mick Herron’s Slough House – What to read next?

I’ve recently been asked a couple of times for authors I would recommend to read after folks have finished all the Slough House novels and novellas. My first suggestion would be to make sure you’ve read some of Herron’s other novels, like Down Cemetery Road, Reconstruction, Nobody Walks and even This is What Happened. If …

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Dolphin Junction and Bad Actors

We have some news about upcoming Mick Herron releases book releases. December 7th will live in infamy for being the date Mick Herron’s short story collection Dolphin Junction will be released, according to Amazon US and UK. The description says - CWA Gold and Steel Dagger-winner Mick Herron's short fiction, collected for the first time. …

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Aldersgate Filming of SLOW HORSES

Where is Slough House located?

Listen to Barbican Station, our podcast dedicated to the slow horses, here or in all podcast apps. From the opening pages of Slow Horses, it's been something all spy fans have wondered. Where is Slough House located at? Herron gave a rather detailed description and from that and a little Google mapping, on my visit …

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Slough House by Mick Herron – A Review

Very minor spoilers below. What do you do when that thing from your past you’ve moved on from, or at least tried to bury deep inside, comes back? Do you embrace it? Reject it? Run from it as fast as possible? Perhaps all of the above and more.  That’s part of what River and the …

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Best of 2020

With all the disruption of this past year, things have been a bit quieter on the site than normal. I’ve been focusing on podcasts over some of my longer written pieces which has taken a healthy chunk of time. That said, the year did have some highlights and in what is becoming a yearly tradition …

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Slow Horses 10th Anniversary Edition

In honor of the 10th anniversary of the release of Slow Horses in 2010 Soho Press has put out an updated edition of the paperback edition with new cover art, a new preface written by Mick Herron, a list of discussion questions and a short story previously unreleased in the United States. The cover art …

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Barbican Station – Spook Street – Episode 5

In this episode I take a closer look at the fourth book in the Slough House series, Spook Street, with Clarissa Aykroyd. We talk about hipsters in Shoreditch, literary references, corporate-speak and Herron's love for London transport mayhem. Each month we’ll be exploring a different book in the series. All leading up to the release …

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Slough House – Signed!

We are getting closer and closer to the release of the seventh book, Slough House. As such, bookstores are putting up preorders for their signed copies. The wonderful Goldsboro Books has a signed copy available here. The book selling behemoth Waterstones is also offering a signed edition with an essay by Herron and a endpapers …

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Top 9 Burning Questions going in to Slough House

Over the course of the Slough House series, there have been a number of plot threads that have been left open for future stories. Below are some of the ones I’m most interested in seeing addressed.  Warning - Spoilers ahead for all books in the series! Sid Baker - One of the most shocking reveals …

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