Barbican Station – A Slough House Podcast

I’m pleased to present Barbican Station, a monthly podcast looking at the books in the Slough House series.

The first episode is an introduction to Mick Herron, the creator of the series.

The second episode is a look at the first book, Slow Horses, with guest Tim Stevens.

The third episode is a look at the second book, Dead Lions, with guest Alice Dryden.

The fourth episode is a look at the third book, Real Tigers, with guest Gary Dexter.

The fifth episode is a look at the fourth book, Spook Street, with guest Clarissa Aykroyd.

The sixth episode is a look at the fifth book, London Rules, with guest Ayo Onatade.

The seventh episode is a look at the sixth book, Joe Country, with guest Shane Whaley.

The eighth episode is a look at some burning questions ahead of the release of Slough House, with guests Shane Whaley and Matthew Bradford. Coming January 27, 2021.

The ninth episode is a look at the novellas and short stories, The Drop, The List, The Catch, The Last Dead Letter,  with guest Matthew Bradford. Coming February 2021.

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