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  1. Henry Meyer

    I have completed all of the Slow Horses series and loved them all. Mick has combined action, suspense and humor, a deadly combo. Lamb is without a doubt just below Smiley(ever since retiring I cannot polish my glasses with my tie) in my appreciation, dissimilar, though endearing.
    As an American(no I did vote for him)I lost many UK words and slang, though the context helped. So thank you Mick.

  2. David Derbes

    Hi, Jeff. I’m in Hyde Park, Chicago.

    I am grateful to you for all the Slough House posts. I bought Spook Street on a whim (its title reminded me of William Gibson’s Spook Country) and liked it very much, and have read most of them since.

    I don’t know if you’ve found the novels of Ross Thomas, but I think you’d like them. A few are spy stories, but not all. Maybe his best is Chinaman’s Chance. I gather that Amazon or someone has just made a tv series out of another Thomas, Briarpatch.

    It’s very weird to me that Gary Oldman is going to play Jackson Lamb in an Apple tv series, as he played Smiley in the most recent version of Tinker, Tailor. There was a rumor that they were going to remake Smiley’s People, but that seems to not be happening. A real pity.

    1. David, Hi!
      Great to hear there’s another Slough House fan in Chicagoland. I’m actually reading Briarpatch right now and I love Ross Thomas. His The Money Harvest and The Fools in Town are on our Side.
      Yes, I’m also curious how Oldman will do as Lamb and disappointed we’ll never see Smiley’s People.

      1. David Derbes

        Hi, Jeff.

        I’m friendly with the folks at The Seminary Co-Op and am headed over there to see about having them put a few Slough House novels up for display. I stumbled onto Spook Street there and was immediately hooked, but they don’t seem to know much about him. So I’m passing on your web site and some other information. Did you see the terrific article in the Atlantic?


        Glad you’re enjoying Ross Thomas. USA is doing a streamable version of Briarpatch now with Dill being changed in gender and race, I believe. Haven’t seen it:


        The McCorkle-Padilla novels are excellent (particularly the last, Twilight at Mac’s Place) but my favorites are the Artie Wu-Quincy Durant books, Chinaman’s Chance, Out on the Rim, Voodoo, Ltd. The first is by far the best.


      2. Ah, the Co-OP’s a great bookstore. Glad to hear you’re being Slough House to their attention!
        Yes, that was quite a good article on Herron. I’m still waiting for him to have a book tour take him through Chicago! Maybe in awhile once the new Slow Horses TV series premieres.
        I’ve read a bunch of Thomas but still need to get to the Wu and Durant books.
        You might enjoy the Spybrary podcast. Lots of Herron talk in the episodes and I snuck in a great Ross Thomas story in the episode coming out this week.

      3. David Derbes

        Good story! The Eighth Dwarf is not bad, but Chinaman’s Chance is my favorite. Here’s a link you might not have seen, which I swiped from the Wikipedia page on Ross Thomas:


        With respect to Thomas’s having been a correspondent overseas, this was a common cover for Company folks during the Cold War. When that came out twenty or thirty years ago, people got a little grumpy. I suspect he was at least a stringer for CIA, maybe more.

  3. John Hargreaves

    I have just finished reading, To Die in Vienna published in 2018 ,the author Kevin Wignall. Must admit I have never read this author before despite his backlog of at least 8/9 other novels. But really enjoyed this spy novel, It was tense exciting and absorbing. I will be searching for some of his earlier books. Comparable to books by the more well known Charles Cumming

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