John le Carré

I’ve written a fair amount about John le Carré over the years. See below for a quick index of the various posts.

I recently wrote a piece for Cathay Pacific’s in-flight magazine, Discovery, on various le Carré film adaptions.

I dove deep into a web of intrigue trying to uncover the truth about the honor le Carré DOESN’T want you to know about!

Did you know that the writer Rex Stout once interviewed John le Carré?

I took a look at some alternative titles that le Carré thought about for his novels.

On my podcast I took a look at how le Carré and spying have been connected over the past 80 years.

Here’s my spoiler free review of his 2017 book, A Legacy of Spies.

Here’s my spoiler free review of his 2019 book, Agent Running in the Field.

I also appeared on the Spybrary podcast to talk about Legacy and most recently Agent.

Take a look at some questionable le Carré covers here.

Remember that time le Carré wrote in to The Times about Soho sex shops? If not, here’s a refresher.

A look at a revealing profile of le Carré that appeared in Time Magazine. It quite succinctly covers similar ground as Adam Sisman’s biography.

The various first lines of le Carré’s books.

Given A Legacy of Spies features the return of Smiley, why not take a look at some of the locations that have appeared in the previous books?

  • In this post I look at other people who have visited Smiley sites.
  • My own visit to the Circus, among other locations.

I had the opportunity to talk with Robert Lance Snyder on his new book looking at le Carré’s fiction since the end of the Cold War –

I had a Q & A with Toby Manning about his book John le Carré and the Cold War.

Le Carré is very discerning when it comes to books he blurbs, introduces or recommends. I collected a list of those for those who are interested in what is on le Carré’s bookshelf.

That being said, he became embroiled in a book blurb scandal in the 90’s. It’s a weird and fascinating story I wrote about here.

I looked at A Small Town in Germany and offered a hypothesis on it’s connection with the Circus.

Le Carré has narrated abridged versions of many of his works. I wrote about them here.

I took a multipart look at various editions, collectibles and artwork related to le Carré’s most famous novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.

I continued my deep dive on The Spy Who Came in from the Cold with a “how to” on collecting US first editions, some art related to the book, and a look at the only le Carré adaption to appear in Mad Magazine

Before he turned to writing, le Carré attempted to make his way as an artist. I looked at one of his first paid art jobs.

I wrote about le Carré appearing at a luncheon of the greatest British spy writers.

I took a closer look at a literary journal that said it was using John le Carré as it’s theme.

For April Fool’s Day I took a (fake) look at the upcoming release of Agent Running in the Field.

Finally, my silly Smiley limerick.