Where is Slough House located?

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From the opening pages of Slow Horses, it’s been something all spy fans have wondered. Where is Slough House located at? Herron gave a rather detailed description and from that and a little Google mapping, on my visit to London in 2017 I was able to figure it out.

Slough House on Aldersgate St.

126 Aldergate Street, London.

It’s just a stone throw from Barbican Station and looks just as grubby as you’d expect from the books.

When I followed up with Herron himself, he confirmed that was the location he had in mind while writing.

The never used front entrance of Slough House
View of Slough House from Barbican Station

Recently filming for the Apple TV show took place at that location and they decorated the area so that it looked even more like what was described in the book. More on the TV show can be found here.

Aldersgate Filming of SLOW HORSES
Filming on Aldersgate St. for SLOW HORSES. Credit: Chris Michael – @11yrz

So if you’re in London, hop on the tube to Barbican Station and walk past the ‘real’ Slough House.

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7 thoughts on “Where is Slough House located?

  1. Steve

    Thanks for these posts. I used to own and live in 127, the part of the building on the left. I have only now just found out about the series of novels and the Apple TV+ series. It is a fascinating building and we loved living there. 127 also used to be a series of little offices including the office of the official fan club of Siouxsie and the Banshees. It all seems quite surreal to think that it is the inspiration for the books and the TV has been filmed there with such an amazing cast.

  2. Harmon

    Listening to Episode 12, I got to wondering what that catchy bit of intro/outro music you are using is. Shazam couldn’t figure it out…

  3. J

    I used to live in 115 Aldersgate street and I remember them filming here many times, especially the raining scene from Season 1 when they used a lot of pumped water. One time they didn’t let me get into my flat haha, because they were finishing of a scene.

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