The Last Dead Letter by Mick Herron

For more on Mick Herron's Slough House series go here. Mick Herron has seemed to enjoy playing in the expanded sandbox of the Slough House universe, writing a novel adjacent to the series, multiple novellas and with The Last Dead Letter, his first short story in the world of the Slow Horses. This story was …

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The Catch by Mick Herron – a Slough House novella coming soon

The Mick Herron news continues! On the heels of the announcement of a tv adaption of the Slough House series, Slow Horses, details of a new novella have been released. News first appeared on twitter and a full description of the book can now be found on Amazon. The Catch is described as follows - …

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Joe Country by Mick Herron – First Impressions Review

In the history of spy novels, Mick Herron’s Slough House is becoming as memorable a location as le Carré’s spy headquarters the Circus. Compared to London Rules, which took off like an out of control car, Joe Country is a more sedate affair. In a narrative shift from previous books, the first pages reveal that not all of our slow horses will be returning to the stable, leaving a sense of impending doom hanging over all the characters.

Reconstruction – Mick Herron

In anticipation of Mick Herron’s US release of London Rules, the fifth book in his Slough House series, I did a re-read of his Slough House related work. Reconstruction came out in 2008 and is in many ways the proto-Slough House novel. Read more I've written on Herron and other Slough House books here. For as …

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Spy Write – Highlights of 2018

Looking back at Spy Write in 2018 I had a lot of fun trying to keep up with posting something once a week. This post will look back at some of the high points. Author interviews It was a good year for talking with authors. I traded questions with Toby Manning on his look at …

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Best of 2018 – Part One

As is becoming a bit of a tradition, I'm rounding out the year with a couple of posts looking at some of my favorite things from the year. Some are spy related, some are not but all were memorable experiences. I'll be breaking this up over two posts with the first focusing on some things …

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