Barbican Station – Real Tigers – Episode 4

In this episode I take a closer look at the third book in the Slough House series, Real Tigers, with Gary Dexter. We talk about Chekov’s Double Decker bus, why getting kidnapped DOESN’T make you want a drink, and the truth about the Thunderbirds.

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Each month we’ll be exploring a different book in the series. All leading up to the release of Book 7, Slough House.

My original look at Real Tigers.

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Track down the real Slough House here.

One thought on “Barbican Station – Real Tigers – Episode 4

  1. Anne Ayres

    Excellent discussion, really enjoyed it, thanks. Just wondered how could you not have mentioned the riff between Louisa and River about the James Bond Underground facility, with blondes (and redheads!) and Louisa’s splendid turn as Vamp; easing her blouse to cool herself down to Douglas’s hypnotised discomfiture and River hardly able to contain his laughter… loved it.
    Am just catching up on these podcasts as finding an hour to listen hasn’t always been easy! But well worth the wait!

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