Spy Links

Here are a few quality links to spy related things:

Matthew Bradford runs a spy site that focuses on spy films but has also had reviews of books, including a deep dive on le Carre –


The best spy fiction podcast around is hosted by Shane Whaley and well worth a listen –


The best listing of the many spy series available – Spy Guys and Gals –


Wikipedia has a pretty comprehensive list of Spy novelists –


Mary Ann Gwinn from the Seattle Times give a nice run down of spies that ended up writing spy fiction –


The Deighton Dossier is the best resource for any Len Deighton related questions –



One thought on “Spy Links

  1. Great that you’ve built this site. I look forward to read your book reviews.

    When I retired I was determined to write a novel that has now consumed over two years of research, concept development, and writing some 40 chapters.
    I’ve been fascinated by the otherworldly economic expansion of China which is the genesis for a two, or possibly three-book series. I expect to publish book one: “Duplicitous” by mid-2019. My novel’s dateline calls for 2020 as the year China and Russia form a powerful alliance focused against the West. So I face a stiff publishing deadline.

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