I host a few podcasts on a variety of book and tv topics.

Find all the podcasts via the links above or search for the name in your favorite podcast app.

Like The Wolfe – In this podcast my co-host Reyna and I are reading all the novels and novellas in Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe mystery series. I also conduct occasional interviews with fellow Wolfe fans.

Barbican Station – This podcast explores the spy world of the Slow Horses and Slough House created by Mick Herron. Also coming are looks at his other works.

The le Carré Cast – This podcast looks at the works and world of John le Carré. 

Spybrary – I contribute interviews with authors and other episodes on spy fiction and non-fiction to the Spybrary podcast.

Spy Rewind on Spybrary – In this podcast series, co-host Matthew Bradford and I look at a particular episode of a spy show and use it as a jumping off point to talk about the series as a whole. Past episodes have looked at Mission:Impossible, Get Smart, Alias and more.

Spy Write –

Spy Games – The Bravo reality show Recaps

Spy Games – Premiere Recap

Spy Games – Episode 2

Spy Games – Episode 3

Spy Games – Episode 4

Spy Games – Episode 4 Agent Elimination Debrief

Spy Games – Episode 5

Spy Games – Episode 6

Spy Games – Episode 7

Spy Games – Finale

Episode Pages for other Spy Write podcasts

His Secret Sharer: The Hidden Truths of John le Carré – Episode 1

Spy Club – Episode 2