Mick Herron – Slough House

Mick Herron’s Slough House series has catapulted him to the top rank of spy novelists at work right now.

First, Mick Herron was kind enough to answer some of my questions in this interview.

I’ve written about my visit to the real location of Slough House. If you’re ever in London I recommend a trip.

I created a glossary for some of the terms and characters that Herron has used in his novels.

In preparation for his latest, London Rules, I wrote about his earlier novels looking at the characters, locations, and plots.

The complete Slough House books in order of publication along with reviews –

Slough House 1 – Slow Horses

Slough House 2 – Dead Lions

Slough House 2.5 – The List

Slough House 2.75 – Nobody Walks

Slough House 3 – Real Tigers

Slough House 4 – Spook Street

Slough House 5 – London Rules

Slough House 5.5 – The Drop (US title: The Marylebone Drop)

Slough House 6 – Title TBD – June 2019

Further Research –

Spybrary Interview

Mick Herron’s official Website


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