Mick Herron – Slough House

Mick Herron’s Slough House series has catapulted him to the top rank of spy novelists at work right now. Likely coming in 2021 is a new Apple TV+ series based on the Slough House books as well as his seventh book set in that world. A list of what appears on the site related to Herron is listed below.

Slough House Book series in order – A look at the order of the Slough House series and in depth reviews of each book.

– Where is Slough House located? – A look at the ‘real’ location of Slough House.

Slough House Glossary – A glossary of the various terms in the books as well as a look at the “real” Slough House location.

Slough House / Slow Horses News – Breaking news on the both the book series and the AppleTV+ Television adaption.

The Oxford Series and other Mick Herron novels – A look at Mick Herron’s other novels and stories.

Barbican Station – A Slough House Podcast – A monthly podcast looking at each of the Slough House novels.

About Mick Herron – A look at the writer of the Slough House series and a Q and A with the author.

Further Research –

Spybrary Interview

Mick Herron’s official website

One thought on “Mick Herron – Slough House

  1. Anne Ayres

    Have You Seen This Headline?
    What I can’t understand is, why is Harwich or any port involved in Slow Horses or Dead Lions? Nothing remotely sea-worthy or even anything involving boats occurs in either story… The first time a ship is part of one of the stories is the “Dazzle Ship” on the Thames – and that’s in Spook Street, the FOURTH novel.
    I know filmed versions of favourite books often go “Off Piste” but it’s beginning to give me a lowering sense of doom, in that it won’t be OUR Slough House and OUR Jackson Lamb…

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