Mick Herron – Slough House

Mick Herron’s Slough House series has catapulted him to the top rank of spy novelists at work right now. Likely coming in 2021 is a new Apple TV+ based on the Slough House series as well as his seventh book set in that specific world. A list of what appears on the site related to Herron is listed below.

First, Mick Herron was kind enough to answer some of my questions in an interview.

I’ve written about my visit to the real location of Slough House. If you’re ever in London I recommend a trip.

It was just announced that AppleTV+ will be airing a adaption of the books. I took a look at what that might mean.

A new novella was announced for a January 2020 release.

I created a glossary for some of the terms and characters that Herron has used in his novels.

I gathered the first lines of all of Herron’s novels to see what trends or themes we might see.

In preparation for his latest, London Rules, I wrote about his earlier novels looking at the characters, locations, and plots.

The complete Slough House book list in order of publication along with reviews –

Slough House 0.5 – Reconstruction

Slough House 1 – Slow Horses

Slough House 2 – Dead Lions

Slough House 2.5 – The List

Slough House 2.75 – Nobody Walks

Slough House 3 – Real Tigers

Slough House 4 – Spook Street

Slough House 5 – London Rules

Slough House 5.5 – The Drop (US title: The Marylebone Drop)

Slough House 6 – Joe Country

Slough House 6.25 – The Last Letter Drop

Slough House 6.5 – The Catch

Slough House 7 – TBD – February 2021

Other Novels

Before Slough House Mick Herron wrote the Oxford Series of mysteries. This series has some links to Reconstruction and Slough House but is basically an unconnected standalone series. I will be reviewing them over the coming months –

Oxford Series 1 – Down Cemetery Road

Oxford Series 2 – The Last Voice You Hear

Oxford Series 3 – Why We Die

Oxford Series 4 – Smoke and Whispers

Herron also released a short story collection – All the livelong day and other stories

In between Slough House books Herron released an unconnected standalone – This Is What Happened

Further Research –

Spybrary Interview

Mick Herron’s official website

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