Broken Covers – John Creasey Part Two

Publishers are always looking to refresh the backlist of authors and sell more copies. In the 70’s the beautiful painted book covers went out of fashion and photo covers came into vogue. The UK publisher Fontana had paperback rights to many of the well known thriller writers of the time like Desmond Bagley, Alastair Maclean, …

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Ghostly Spy Radio Station

As fall and Halloween are a spooky time of the year, I had to share this creepy spy story I read. A couple of years back the BBC posted a really fascinating article on a shortwave radio station that has been broadcasting since the Cold War. It plays a mysterious droning noise which is only …

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Spy Halloween

It's the time of year when everyone is raiding their closet to come up with a great costume for Halloween. In order to help everyone out in this endeavor I've come up with the following list of characters and tips to make a great last minute costume. James Bond - The classic spy costume. Just …

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Spy Film Hall of Fame Ballot Checklist

The Spybrary Spy Film Hall of Fame voting is in full swing and voters are furiously combing their dvd shelves and streaming platforms to catch up on movies they haven't seen. To assist in the process the full voting ballot sorted by year is below. Print out this page and check them off as you …

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Spy Film Hall of Fame

In cooperation with Shane Whaley of the Spybrary podcast I am running a "Top Ten Spy Films" poll. Vote below for your favorites and the results will be revealed on an upcoming episode of Spybrary. Go here to find the films on the ballot. Print out the full list to check off the ones you've …

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Mac B., Kid Spy – A review

My kids have enjoyed Mac Barnett’s books for awhile now, most recently with his The Terrible Two series, and we recently read his latest - Mac B., Kid Spy. As a teen Barnett would tell tall tales of his adventures when he was younger to the kids he worked with at summer camp and that's …

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