Aldersgate Filming of SLOW HORSES

Where is Slough House located?

From the opening pages of Slow Horses, it's been something all spy fans have wondered. Where is Slough House located at? Herron gave a rather detailed description and from that and a little Google mapping, on my visit to London in 2017 I was able to figure it out. Slough House on Aldersgate St. 126 …

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Quiller – The TV show

I’ve spread the word elsewhere but passing on the word to all you Quiller fans. Although it's been rumored to have been lost forever, a Michael Jayston fan has uploaded all thirteen episodes of the Quiller TV series to YouTube! The show has been slightly shrouded in mystery as it has been seen since it …

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low angle photography of high rise building

AppleTV’s TEHRAN – A TV Review

AppleTV+'s original offerings have been a bit slim as of yet, no doubt complicated by the coronavirus which has slowed all movie and television production to a crawl. They have had a couple high profile successes, THE MORNING SHOW and MYTHIC QUEST: RAVEN'S BANQUET, but of most interest to spy fans will be the show …

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Best of 2020

With all the disruption of this past year, things have been a bit quieter on the site than normal. I’ve been focusing on podcasts over some of my longer written pieces which has taken a healthy chunk of time. That said, the year did have some highlights and in what is becoming a yearly tradition …

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Jackson Lamb book 7 title revealed?

I posted previously about the book description for the next book in Mick Herron's Slough House series and it looks like it might now have a title. According to Amazon and Barnes and Noble the next book is titled - Slough House. It's a title that's appropriately full circle from the first novel Slow Horses, …

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Spy Games – The Bravo TV Reality Show – Episode 2 Recap

Matthew Bradford and Jeff Quest recap and give their opinions on episode 2 of Bravo's new reality TV show - Spy Games. Who will be crowned the ultimate spy? Find previous episodes here. Links - Matthew Bradford's site Bravo's page for Spy Games Cast List Mia Kang Website Doug Laux book Left of Boom Evy Poumpouras …

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