Spy – The reality show

Everyone has their guilty pleasures and one of mine is reality TV. When spies and reality TV mix, how can I resist? SPY was a BBC show that aired back in 2004 and spun out of the success of the show MI-5. 8 regular folks were given spy-like training and sent on psuedo-spy missions. 3 …

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Japan’s Spies – Spy Video of the Week

Does it get any better than Computer Animated news on spies? I didn't think so. The news came out through another cable that Wikileaks has released. As discussed in this full story at the Telegraph, Japan has had no spy agency since WWII.

Astrospies!- Spy Image of the Week

Ok, get ready for the coolest spy concept ever - Astrospies!!! NOVA just aired a program about how the military was training pilots to orbit the earth and spy on Russia in the mid-1960's. It's a bit more hype than anything, the program never put anyone in space, but the idea is awesome.

SPY – The reality show – Spy Website of the Week

I caught this show on PBS several years ago and really enjoyed it. SPY was a BBC reality show spinning out of the show MI 5 where 8 regular folks were given spy like training and sent on psuedo-spy missions. Here's the opening - Although it only lasted a season it was really fun and …

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The 39 Steps (2008)

The 39 Steps stars Rupert Penry-Jones (of MI5/Spooks fame) as a military intelligence officer caught up in Events He Cannot Control in this loose british adaption of the John Buchanan novel. When a spy with coded details on a German plan to defeat Britain before World War I has even started is killed, Penry-Jones is …

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MI-5 (Spooks in Britain)

MI-5 - Season Seven Some Spoilers ahead – Read at your own risk I have a love/hate relationship with MI-5, mostly leaning towards hate. The first 2 ½ seasons were great with multiple engaging characters, thrilling cliffhangers and interesting stories about issues relevant to real intelligence officers. Unfortunately, the last 3 ½ seasons have had …

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