Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Finale Recap

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We talk about the sixth and final episode of the first season of the new Apple TV Plus adaptation of Slow Horses. In the first part we talk about impressions of the first few episodes before taking a break and returning to talk in depth about the sixth episode. My guest this week is Lloyd Shepherd. Lloyd is an author and podcaster.

We talk about Peter Judd and Boris Johnson, Curiously Specific locations in SLOW HORSES, and Mick Herron’s cameo on the show. Plus the Min’s “mild imbecility”, the comedy pedigree of the show’s writers and dive deep on glasses. All that and much more in this episode.

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Come back next week as I talk about burning questions ahead of the release of Bad Actors.

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Curiously Specific episode on Slow Horses

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CS episode on The Ipcress File

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The Guardian article that discusses Herron’s and Johnson’s time at university together –

Lloyd’s Twitter feed is here.

Wimpole’s Folly – The location where they filmed Hassan’s rescue –

FOUR LIONS – The film Lloyd mentions having a similar sense of dark humor –

My original review of the book. The Barbican Station episode on the book Slow Horses.

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3 thoughts on “Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Finale Recap

  1. Anne Ayres

    Does this need correcting? – “School” is NOT the same as University in the UK! Mick and Boris were at Balliol College, Oxford at the same time. I don’t know where Mick went to school prior to that, but it was likely to be in Newcastle on Tyne rather than Eton. (Am ready to be corrected if I’m wrong. )

  2. Anne Ayres

    Cheers Jeff – and I think I’ve just found further corroboration. This Guardian interview with Mick at the time of the “Slough House” publication quotes him saying about being a “northern comprehensive type” and not mixing with the Bullingdon Club…
    It’s the good old British Class System.dontcherknow! From aged 11 to 18 it’s Public/private schools for the Toffs (fee paying) then State Education for the rest of us; Grammar School if available, depending on local area, Comprehensive, and a few Technical schools. Many are now leaving Local Authority Control and becoming Academies (basically for the cachet and snob value added in parental eyes)
    There: you are now an expert in the British secondary education system! Post 18 (tertiary) are the Universities – again displaying a bit of a class divide like Ivy League colleges in the USA. If you are clever enough you can get in to Oxford or Cambridge, (many colleges within that system) but my husband, who was at Pembroke, Cambrdge, told me that someone not from quite the right social background can feel at a disadvantage. A great number of our most famous actors went to Oxford or Cambridge, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson, Dominic West, Hugh Laurie, John Cleese, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore…

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