Slow Horses AppleTV+ Timeline and breaking news

Taking a page from the wonderful website The Spy Command, I am stealing their idea of a production timeline and putting that in place for the upcoming AppleTV+ show, SLOW HORSES, an adaption of the Mick Herron spy series.

There will likely be less news for this series than a Bond movie, but if you are looking for news, this will be the place it’s aggregated.

The newest news will be added to the top of the post. As with everything on the internet, rumors can be rampant so readers beware.

August 31, 2020 – Checking back in on the publisher page the mention of the TV show has now been removed. The two possibilities I see are, this information isn’t for public consumption yet or this casting news and release date has changed, possibly due to COVID-19. I just hope no one was black ribboned over this one.

August 27, 2020 – A high profile actress has apparently signed on for a yet unrevealed role in the SLOW HORSES adaption. This is according to the book description for the seventh book in the series, Slough House, on the US publishers book page.

Coming hot on the heels of news of James Hawes as the director of the series, it’s obvious that lots more news is to come on the adaption. The description still lists the February book release as coinciding with the release of the TV series. That would be an aggressive timetable if true, as filming doesn’t begin until November.

August 24, 2020 – According to, SLOW HORSES is being directed by James Hawes. Hawes has quite a television resume having directed episodes of shows like BLACK MIRROR, SNOWPIERCER and PENNY DREADFUL. He also has some spy experience having directed the 2008 adaption of THE 39 STEPS starring Rupert Penry-Jones of SPOOKS fame. From a release about an opportunity for newer directors, Hawes will be filming the entire first season and the show will run for six episodes.

On August 14th, Hawes also retweeted this tweet from about a November filming date for SLOW HORSES.

August 13, 2020 – After a long period of radio silence due to COVID-19, Production Weekly shows SLOW HORSES as in some phase of development and lists a working title of EMBANKMENT.

April 2, 2020 – An article on by Don Groves talks about a streamed conversation for the Screen Producers Australia about coronavirus and film production. In the discussion, See Saw Films co-founder and current Managing Director, Emile Sherman, spoke about the effect of COVID-19 on their production slate. Sherman confirmed that Slow Horses is on hold but it sounds likely that he will push it into production as quickly as possible once the crisis is over as he described the show as a “motor for our company.”

Oldman’s star power and Apple’s money presumably make this an important show for See Saw.

March, 2020 – Coronavirus hits and production of just about every production in LA and London shuts down. When will filming start? That’s an open question at this point.

February 3, 2020The Film & Television Industry Alliance‘s production list has Slow Horses beginning production on April 6, 2020 with filming sites listed as London and Los Angeles. Based on production cycles it would be likely that the series would premiere in the Spring of 2021, likely around the February release of the next Slough House novel.

February 2, 2020Television Business International writer Stephen Arnell has the first in depth comments on the upcoming series from Mick Herron.

‘I’m very happy that we have a great team in Graham Yost (Justified) and Will Smith (Veep) bringing Slow Horses to the screen. I’ve already visited the writers room,” he says, adding that Yost’s presentation of the show’s storyline to Apple was “incredibly impressive.”

Read the article for more information.

November 15, 2019Variety reports that Gary Oldman has signed as Jackson Lamb for a TV adaption of Slow Horses for AppleTV+. The series is produced by See Saw films, with Graham Yost and Will Harris as executive producers. No timeline on release is given, but with Oldman currently filming the movie “Mank” about the making of “Citizen Kane” it likely wouldn’t start production until early spring.

June 25, 2019 – In a second interview with Spybrary podcast, Herron reveals he has met with writers for an adaption of his novels.

June 14, 2019 – In a summary of a book event with Mick Herron, the blog for the bookshop Withnail Books reports that Herron had spent several days working with the writers of a potential adaption saying it look “probable” to happen.

June 11, 2019Joe Country, the sixth book in the Slough House series is released.

June 5, 2018London Rules, the fifth book in the Slough House series is released in the US. It was released in January in the UK.

February 23, 2018 – Mick Herron appears on the Spybrary podcast and says that the tv process continues but won’t air anytime in the near future.

February 17, 2017Spook Street, the fourth book in the Slough House series is released.

January 16, 2016Real Tigers, the third book in the Slough House series is released.

2015-2016 – At some point between 2015 and 2016, Mark Richards, the editorial director for John Murray picks up the worldwide rights to the series, leaving the US rights with Soho Press.

October 16, 2015 – The book publication The Bookseller reports that British publisher John Murray Ltd. picked up the UK rights to the Slough House series from Soho Press. They will publish the series starting with Real Tigers and reprint the first two novels in the series.

2015 – As reported by The Bookseller, See Saw Films picks up the film rights to the series at auction.

May 7, 2013Dead Lions, the second book in the Slough House series is released.

June, 2010Slow Horses, the first book in the Slough House series is released.

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