Joe Country – Jackson Lamb 6 / Slough House 6 news

I had a feeling! As soon as I read the term "joe country" in Mick Herron's novel Spook Street, I knew that was a book title. Well, information is now out there on the next Slough House book and it's called Joe Country. Reading the description, things are sounding even more dire for the slow horses than usual. …

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Collecting A Legacy of Spies

The biggest story of last year was the announcement that John le Carré had written a new Smiley novel. Fans of le Carré's all over the world were shocked. Le Carré had seemed to put a button on Smiley with The Secret Pilgrim so every fan is excited about the new novel. As a collector, …

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SafeHouse Chicago – A Review

In my recent quest to visit spy related locations I’ve found that there is nothing better than being immersed in your subject. Milwaukee institution the Safehouse has done just that for decades. Looking like an abandoned warehouse on the outside and with “secret” entrances and exits, spy themed food and memorabilia throughout, on my visit …

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Chicago’s Spy – Spy Story of the Week

Who knew that Chicago was such a hot bed of intrigue? This story from 1977 in the Chicago Reader brought it to light. The article tells the story of how the CIA used (uses?) legitimate companies to provide a cover for CIA agents in other countries. In return these companies received lucrative contracts from the …

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Japan’s Spies – Spy Video of the Week

Does it get any better than Computer Animated news on spies? I didn't think so. The news came out through another cable that Wikileaks has released. As discussed in this full story at the Telegraph, Japan has had no spy agency since WWII.