Joe Country – Jackson Lamb 6 / Slough House 6 news

I had a feeling! As soon as I read the term “joe country” in Mick Herron’s novel Spook Street, I knew that was a book title. Well, information is now out there on the next Slough House book and it’s called Joe Country. Reading the description, things are sounding even more dire for the slow horses than usual.

A tentative US cover has been printed in the Soho Press Spring 2019 catalogue-

The cover for the UK edition has also been released and is in keeping with their previous covers –

Here’s the description from Penguin/Random House –

More on Mick Herron here.

5 thoughts on “Joe Country – Jackson Lamb 6 / Slough House 6 news

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  4. John Hargreaves

    Deja vu, Waterstones pull the same trick again, they had on sale two first editions at the same time, one without any additional short story ISBM 9781473657441 ( which could be purchased at many retail outlets) and the exclusive edition containing a Slough House short story ISBM 9781529358858. The additional story titled The Last Letter Drop, a first UK printing. I believe although not 100% certain that all the exclusive editions were signed by the author and retailed at the same price of £14.99. I understand why Waterstones do this, but its not great news for smaller Independent bookshops. Still you have to be on your toes with this author if you want a complete set , right back to 2003 and Down Cemetery Road its always been a challenging bibliography for the collector.

    1. Yes, I was lucky enough to see they had a special edition and pick it up. From everything I saw, all editions with the story were signed. Herron certainly is a tricky author to collect!

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