The Spy Comedian – Spy story of the Week

Recently Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, a former member of the KGB, cracked a spy joke –

“A spy goes to KGB headquarters and says, ‘I want to turn myself in’. They ask him ‘What country he was spying for? America? Then you need to go to room 5.’ In room 5 they ask him, ‘You are an American spy, do you have a gun? If you do, you need to go to room 7.’ In room 7 they ask him, ‘Do you have special communication devices? If so, go to room 20.’ In room 20 they ask, ‘Do you have a mission?’ ‘I do,’ he says. ‘Well if you do, go and do it and stop bothering people here.”

See the full story and Video at Russia Today.

One thought on “The Spy Comedian – Spy story of the Week

  1. Mata Hari

    Hahahahahahahaha…what a kneeslapper…that Putin’s got a real talent for telling jokes…NOT…maybe it’s better in Russian.

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