Tinker Tailor Soldier Doll

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Matryoshka Dolls


Spy Games – Enemy Agent

Every so often I'll be highlighting some of the spy games I've picked up from various second hand stores over the years. I haven't played most of these yet, as finding willing spy game participants can be tricky, but I'm hoping to road test some of these as the kids get older. Did you ever …

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Le Carré Recommends – Part 4

Over the past couple years I've been posting about some of the books and authors that I've found that John le Carré has recommended over time. Le Carré tends to dole out his support sparingly, especially since he someone faked a recommendation from him, so it's always interesting to see what he's endorsed. Thanks to …

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Collecting A Legacy of Spies

The biggest story of last year was the announcement that John le Carré had written a new Smiley novel. Fans of le Carré's all over the world were shocked. Le Carré had seemed to put a button on Smiley with The Secret Pilgrim so every fan is excited about the new novel. As a collector, …

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The Spybrary podcast

One of the best things in the past year has been the appearance of the Spybrary podcast. Spybrary is run by Shane Whaley, an avid spy fan who wanted to create something that gave people a place to learn more about spy fiction and create a community of spy fans. The podcast has consisted of …

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Interview with Toby Manning on John le Carré and the Cold War – Part Two

We conclude our interview with Toby Manning on his book John le Carré and the Cold War. Find part one here. When you’re done reading my interview listen to the Spybrary podcast interview with Toby Manning. Spy Write: It seems that le Carré's post-Cold War work may have been what muddied the waters regarding the “otherness” …

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