Slow Horses by Mick Herron

A look at Mick Herron's spy novel, Slow Horses


The Spybrary podcast

One of the best things in the past year has been the appearance of the Spybrary podcast. Spybrary is run by Shane Whaley, an avid spy fan who wanted to create something that gave people a place to learn more about spy fiction and create a community of spy fans. The podcast has consisted of …

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Which Literary Spy are you?

It's the ultimate question for any spy fan. If you were a spy which kind of spy would you be? I've seen a bunch of quizzes for the movies but I thought I'd throw together this one for all the book spy fans. Are you a Smiley, Lemas, Bond or someone else? Give it a …

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Spy Writers Club

The first rule of Spy Club. Don't talk about Spy Club. 12 men received the invitation. On an unseasonably cool afternoon at the end of June they made their way across England to a back room of the Savoy Hotel. They came singly or in pairs, pushing through the wooden revolving doors and strolling anonymously …

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The Coldest Winter – A Review

My love of spy fiction isn't constrained to prose. There are several graphic novels with an espionage theme that have been able to hold their own with the best of spy novelists. Antony Johnston's duo The Coldest City and The Coldest Winter are two of them. I’ve been a reader of Antony Johnston’s work for …

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John le Carré’s Post-Cold War Fiction – Robert Lance Snyder Interview Part Two

We continue our discussion with Robert Lance Snyder in advance of the release of his new book, John le Carré's Post-Cold War Fiction.  Read part one here. Jeff Quest: Le Carré has managed to stay relevant in a way that his other contemporaries still writing, like Frederick Forsyth or Charles McCarry, haven’t. McCarry in particular released a book …

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