Le Carré, Revisited 

In honor of publication week for A Legacy of Spies I’ve collected a “best of” list of some of my le Carré posts. I also recommend reading Matthew Bradford’s great series of posts looking back at the Smiley series book by book.

First, here’s my spoiler free review of the new book, A Legacy of Spies.

I took a look at a revealing profile of le Carré that appeared in Time Magazine. It quite succinctly covers similar ground as Adam Sisman’s biography.

I took a look at the various first lines of le Carré’s books. Where will A Legacy of Spies fit in?

Given this new book features the return of Smiley, why not take a look at some of the locations that have appeared in the previous books?

I had the opportunity to talk with Robert Lance Snyder on his new book looking at le Carré’s fiction since the end of the Cold War –

Le Carré is very discerning when it comes to books he blurbs, introduces or recommends. I collected a list of those for those who are interested in what is on le Carré’s bookshelf.

I looked at A Small Town in Germany and offered a hypothesis on it’s connection with the Circus.

 Le Carré has narrated abridged versions of many of his works. I wrote about them here.

I took a multipart look at various editions and collectibles related to le Carré’s most famous novel The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.

I continued my deep dive on The Spy Who Came in from the Cold with a “how to” on collecting US first editions, some art related to the book, and a look at the only le Carré adaption to appear in Mad Magazine

Finally, I wrote about le Carré appearing at a luncheon of the greatest British spy writers.

That’s it for now. My write up on le Carré’s London lecture will come next week!

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