Mr. Smiley’s Neighborhood

Many a tour guide has made a significant amount of money holding Sherlock Holmes or Dickens character tours in London looking at the real locations of their fictional counterparts. Some would consider this foolish. Why look at place that these characters never walked? They weren't real people after all. That's true, but visiting these places …

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Favorite Things in 2016

Here are some of my favorite things I did or discovered in 2016 in no particular order- Slough House series - Mick Herron blew me away with his spy series. I burned through all 5 books in the series in a matter of weeks. I read an advance copy of Spook Street, out early next year …

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Your private army

Global Rescue is a company that provides worldwide medical transport out of dangerous places back to the United States and if unrest breaks out in the place you're visiting they'll send ex-Special Forces soldiers in to pull you out.

Spy Guys and Gals – Spy Website of the Week

This site lists just about every spy novel series with two books or more and allows you to search by both author and by character name. The man who runs the site obviously loves spy novels and the number of authors and books is huge. This is a great resource for anyone looking for new espionage stories.

Revolutionary War Spy Letters – Spy Image of the Week

Following up on the this weeks site of the week, this is a letter from George Washington to a member of the Culper Ring his collection of spies against the British. This letter was captured by the British and never made it to it's intended recipient.

Revolutionary War Spies – Spy Website of the Week 

This site, organized by the Clements Library of the University of Michigan, is a collection of letters to and for American and British Spies in the Revolutionary war. It's fascinating to see the actual letters that went back and forth between folks spying in the Revolutionary War and some of the history behind them. It …

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