Operation Finale – An exhibit review

The Illinois Holocaust Museum is hosting another traveling spy-themed exhibit following up on its successful hosting several years ago of Spies, Traitors and Saboteurs. This new exhibit, Operation Finale, is focused on the secret plan to kidnap Adolf Eichmann and bring to him to Israel for trial.  Eichmann was one of the officers responsible for …

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Your private army

Global Rescue is a company that provides worldwide medical transport out of dangerous places back to the United States and if unrest breaks out in the place you're visiting they'll send ex-Special Forces soldiers in to pull you out.

The Spy Plan

My newest goal - find a way to have "spy-like" experiences. Here are the ideas I've had so far - - Take an advanced driving class to learn how to drive fast and in adverse conditions. - Self defense training. Not having been in a fight before, I could use some practice. - Take Boot …

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