The Spy Plan

My newest goal – find a way to have “spy-like” experiences.

Here are the ideas I’ve had so far –

– Take an advanced driving class to learn how to drive fast and in adverse conditions.
– Self defense training. Not having been in a fight before, I could use some practice.
– Take Boot Camp-type class
– Archery training. This might not fit perfectly but with an archery range a few blocks away I’ve got to fit that in somehow.
– Go to a gun range and learn how to fire a gun.
– Get training on how to run surveillance on someone.
– Learn how to speak another language.

That’s all I’ve come up with so far. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know! I’m hoping to have at least started on most of these by September of 2011.

The most amazing thing about this – my wife didn’t even roll her eyes when I told her about it. I’m hoping to have updates as I go along!

3 thoughts on “The Spy Plan

    1. Matt Bergevin

      You should also learn a few new forms of communication: learn to speak Russian/French/any other language, and DEFINITELY learn to read lips. Also, learn the dialects of several different regions of the world. Get those accents down so you can blend in and not stand out.

      1. Read lips. I like that one. Maybe add reading things that are upside down too. I’ll definitely have to work on my Irish accent. I have a feeling I’d stand out sounding like a leprechaun.

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