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The International Spy Museum is someplace I really would like to visit in the near future. Until then, they offer some really great podcasts about all types of issues relating to espionage. Hosted by the Museum’s Executive Director Peter Earnest, a former CIA officer, previous podcasts have had interviews with a wide variety of intelligence operatives from countries all over the world. They add a new episode each month going back for several years and every episode lasting from 30 to 45 minutes. Given that many of the guests are now retired, the focus of most episodes is on Cold War era stories, however current state of espionage are discussed too. Highlights include episodes on the recent Russian Spy ring, a interview with Stella Rimington, the former director of MI5 and a look at the history of British Espionage.

Last Words: These podcasts are a great way to learn about the real history of spies and spying. It’s a can’t miss for any fan of true espionage stories.

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  1. Mata Hari

    The museum is located in Washington, and at the website you can click on a “webcam” to be sent on a “mission.” If you report correctly, you will get a reward. Thanks for spotlighting this site as it’s very interesting. I like your web page too.

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