Best of 2020

With all the disruption of this past year, things have been a bit quieter on the site than normal. I’ve been focusing on podcasts over some of my longer written pieces which has taken a healthy chunk of time. That said, the year did have some highlights and in what is becoming a yearly tradition …

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Quiller and Agents of Influence Podcasts

My regular posts have been a bit more sporadic of late as I've been working on a couple of special projects. First was hosting a two part podcast panel on Spybrary looking at Adam Hall's famous spy creation - Quiller. This resulted in a fair bit of research as I reread a bunch of the …

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Spycasts – Spy Website of the Week

The International Spy Museum is someplace I really would like to visit in the near future. Until then, they offer some really great podcasts about all types of issues relating to espionage. Hosted by the Museum’s Executive Director Peter Earnest, a former CIA officer, previous podcasts have had interviews with a wide variety of intelligence …

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