Revolutionary War Spies – Spy Website of the Week 

This site, organized by the Clements Library of the University of Michigan, is a collection of letters to and for American and British Spies in the Revolutionary war. It’s fascinating to see the actual letters that went back and forth between folks spying in the Revolutionary War and some of the history behind them. It also accelerates my interest in reading the book Washington’s Spies. Look for a review of that in the near future.

One thought on “Revolutionary War Spies – Spy Website of the Week 

  1. Mata Hari

    Another very interesting site you’ve spotlighted. It’s amazing that these letter survived, and are able to be viewed on the internet. I saw two female spies letters were available, both spying for the Brits. Would like to see any spying for Americans, and if any were caught by the British.

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