Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Fifth Episode Recap

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Catch up on episode five before the sixth and final episode of the first season drops of the new Apple TV Plus adaption of Slow Horses. In the first part we talk about impressions of the first few episodes and Jonathan Reed’s interview with James Hawes before taking a break and returning to talk in depth about the fifth episode.

We talk about what it’s like as a viewer without any knowledge of the books, working steps from the real location of Slough House, and how to hackers should really be portrayed. Plus the scoop on Jonathan’s interview with the director of SLOW HORSES. All that and much more in this episode.

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Come back next week as I talk with a new guest about the final episode of the season.

My guest this week is Jonathan Reed. Jonathan is a graphic designer and contributor to

Jonathan’s Twitter feed is here.

Magic Rays of Light podcast and interview with director James Hawes.

My original review of the book. Barbican Station episode on the book Slow Horses.

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Track down the real Slough House here.

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