Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Two Episode 3 Recap

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We’re back to discuss the third episode of the second season of the Apple TV Plus adaptation of Mick Herron’s Slow Horses. We talk about bike safety, shady small english towns, whether this episode had two award winning performances and the dinner party from hell. All that and much more in this episode.

Season 2, Episode 3 – Drinking Games

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My original review of the book. The Barbican Station episode on the book Dead Lions.

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3 thoughts on “Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Two Episode 3 Recap

  1. Anne Ayres

    I think this episode is best yet. I know the book really well and in fact the tv adaptation makes more sense of the plot than the original book. I never thought it was likely that a large number of cicadas would have embedded themselves in the one small village within a few months and not be noticed. Also Tommy Moult seems to have disappeared and some of Herron’s red herrings are dispensed with, some of whom we never saw. There seems to be no mention that the village once had an American Air base nearby, so maybe the secret poaching group will provide danger for River. I quite miss Griff, the intransigent local, but maybe he’ll turn up soon? Plotting, for Herron, may be secondary to his amazing characterisation and creation of atmosphere, sense of place and use of humour. His writing is a constant joy and the adaptation is doing ample justice to it.

      1. Anne Ayres

        Yeah – it was just Katinsky, Pashkin, Boris and Kyril in the book, oh and Popov! Now they’ve added on Chernitsky and Nevsky! BTW I agree with your comment about Marcus. For me he is a slightly younger Idris Elba in my head, Brit – starred in The Mountain between Us with Kate Winslett. And Louise is SO different, I still can’t settle to her like the others. I just have to treat them as two separate things – the book and the series. Both excellent, but separate.

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