2 thoughts on “Spy Games – Recap

  1. Mel Maybach

    First time listener here, I love that you guys offer thoughtful commentary on the show and the contestants as opposed to just mean-spirited remarks meant to be more “entertaining” than insightful, like I’ve heard on other sites. I enjoyed hearing your take and observations and I will definitely be back! Just one thing… I think it was Matthew who kept referring to Charnel as Chantel, while Jeff always used her correct name. It was confusing at first since I’m still getting to learn all the contestants, and stuff like that drives me crazy. But not crazy enough to turn me off this time. Just a side note for you 😃.

    1. Thanks for the comment and glad you’re enjoying the recaps. I think now that we’re two episodes in we’re finally zeroing in on who all the folks are and getting their names down correctly.
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