Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Two Finale Recap

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We’re back to discuss the finale of the second season of the Apple TV Plus adaptation of Mick Herron’s Slow Horses – Old Scores.

We talk about how this season was like Die Hard, why there’s never a helicopter when you need one, and the best type of eulogies. Plus, we talk about how it’s possible for River to screw up in the same way all over again. All that and much more in this supersized finale episode!

Season 2, Episode 6 – Old Scores

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My original review of the book. The Barbican Station episode on the book Dead Lions.

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2 thoughts on “Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Season Two Finale Recap

  1. Just some quick thoughts:

    Unlike Season 1 which followed Mick’s first book, “Slow Horses,” rather closely. Mick’s second book, “Dead Lions,” seems to have all but evaporated in Season 2 of the TV adaptation. That said, I still loved the TV Season 2, which was very well written and acted. As I mentioned previously, I liked the casting of the new members, Shirley and Molly; and I also liked Marcus and the wonderful Phil Davis in the short but pivotal role of Dickie Bough. I needed a second viewing to pick up on all the nuisances of the TV adaptation. But once I fully understood exactly what the writers were doing, I thought it was great. The head-to-head matchup of the old Cold War warriors, Lamb and Katinsky (both marvelous actors) was classic. And honestly, I think I am going to miss the Tropper family, especially since it would appear the powers-to-be have decided to let the traitor, Alex, off the hook. Kelly is a doll (I think River thought so, too, although he didn’t lay a hand on her, unlike the book) and daddy Duncan turned out to be OK.

    Now, the coming scenes from Season 3 looked to be perplexing. I am currently reading Book #6, “Joe Country,” but I thought that Spider was in a non-functioning coma (or maybe he died, I’m not sure). Anyway, unless I am mistaken it looks like Freddie Fox as Spider will be back up to his old obnoxious self in Season 3. If so, I can understand the producers/directors/writers wanting to keep him around as he is a perfect foil for River. All in all, I think the TV adaption is a winner. I see on the credits that Mick Herron is a consultant on the series and I believe I read somewhere that he is OK with the changes that have been made to his books for TV. To be sure, the books are an unmitigated delight ~ NOTHING could ever replace or diminish them. However, IMO, the TV adaptation, despite all the changes, is superlative. I want more of both ❤️❤️

  2. smarmite

    The trailer certainly indicates Webb will be around for the *Real Tigers* adaptation. But episode 6 also suggests the Troppers aren’t gone for good, since the show went out of its way to let us know Kelly and/or Duncan were listening to River repeat his authentication credentials over the phone. Maybe they’re being groomed for an appearance in book seven.

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