Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Third Episode Recap

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Catch up on episode three before the forth episode drops as we continue to discuss the third episode of the new Apple TV Plus adaption of Slow Horses. In the first part we discuss impressions of the first couple episodes before taking a break and returning to talk in depth about the third episode.

We talk ice buckets, Vets – both animal and military, and what your proper locked in a closet weapon should be. All that and more in this episode.

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Come back next week as I talk with a new guest about Episode 4.

My guest is Matthew Bradford of the site Double O Section. I previously talked with Matthew about Herron’s Slough House related novellas and short story.

My original review of the book. Barbican Station episode on the book Slow Horses.

Matthew’s Website is here.

Follow the latest news about the upcoming AppleTV adaption here.

Matthew’s Twitter – @DoubleOSection

For more on the slow horses, click here.

Track down the real Slough House here.

3 thoughts on “Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Third Episode Recap

  1. Elias Laitila

    Oh god how do I contact you???

    I’m trying to listen to your podcast regarding the new TV show, but the way you regard to spoilers is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO vague. Are you talking about book spoilers? Full season spoilers? Or just what happened in the episode. Please be clear as this is so fucking annoying.

      1. Elias Laitila

        Please make that explicit in future instalments. Other podcasts do this. You and your guests were super vague about this.

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