Barbican Station – The Catch and The Last Dead Letter – Episode 10

In this episode we conclude our two parter with a look a the Slough House novella, The Catch, and the short story, The Last Dead Letter, with returning guest Matthew Bradford. We discuss whether whether Di Taverner is like Mission: Impossible’s Jim Phelps, get into determinism vs. free will and what effect the TV show might have on the novels. All that and more in this episode.

Find Matthew Bradford on Twitter here or on his site Double O Section.

Our episode on the Mission: Impossible TV show was on Spybrary.

More on Freewill vs. Determinism here.

Each month we’ve explored a different book in the series. All leading up to the release of Book 7, Slough House.

Coming up next – a look at the latest book, Slough House.

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