Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Premiere/Second Episode Recap

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In this episode we discuss the premiere of the new Apple TV Plus adaption of Slow Horses. The first part is spoiler free before we take a break and come back to talk in depth about the first and second episodes.

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Come back next week as I talk with a new guest about Episode 3.

My guests are Shane Whaley of the Spybrary podcast and Gary Dexter who I spoke to about Real Tigers.

My original review of the book. Barbican Station episode on the book Slow Horses.

Listen to Gary and I talk Bond and John le Carré on the Cinema Junkies podcast. We’re on the October 8 to October 29th, 2021 episodes.

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Follow the latest news about the upcoming AppleTV adaption here.

For more on the slow horses, click here.

Track down the real Slough House here.

One thought on “Barbican Station – SLOW HORSES Premiere/Second Episode Recap

  1. Anne Ayres

    Have really enjoyed your podcasts, many thanks. Have loved the whole tv series, so many little pleasures which outweigh any expectations not quite met. Love the fact that Jackson drives a Yellow Car! That’s an ongoing in-joke by Mick Herron thru the books, referring to a BBC radio comedy show called Cabin Pressure, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Also, anyone noticed Spider Webb’s jacket when he’s with Nick Duffy to collect Catherine? Leather, belted, for all the world like a Nazi Officer! And with that blond teutonic hairstyle… Louisa isn’t MY Louisa, though she’s excellent and has a great voice. In fact, from the teaser at the end of the finale, the person who seems to be playing Shirley Dander is much more my Louisa. Can’t quite get a handle on who should play Shirley, but the series is so good I don’t want to nit-pick. And the small additions to the plot enhance it, give it a more dramatic twist for a tv audience. We’ll done everybody!

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