Barbican Station – Burning Questions ahead of Bad Actors

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I talk with previous guests Matthew Bradford and Dr. Mary Quest about their guesses for what we might see in Mick Herron’s next Slough House book – Bad Actors.

My post on the top burning questions ahead of Bad Actors.

Tim Shipman’s interview with Mick Herron ahead of the book release.

Upcoming bookshop appearances by Herron.

Buy the book – US or UK.

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8 thoughts on “Barbican Station – Burning Questions ahead of Bad Actors

  1. Anne Ayres

    Ooh not Shirley please. She’s in Rehab….! 😱😢 Can anybody get to her there? And why would they?
    What nobody seemed to pick up on in the blurb for the book, is that Roddy is in “dress rehearsal” – that is very cryptic, what does it mean? A reference to the Actors of the title?… oh dear, not Roddy….

  2. Simon

    So when’s the first retrospective on the book Jeff? Finished the audiobook yesterday (having to restart halfway through because I got lost!) loads to get off my chest!

  3. graham Barrie

    I love the work you and your contributors do on your PodCasts as a slow-moving ‘carthorse’ of 77 years my mind has been invigorated and my enjoyment of the spy genre revitalized in the past 3 months by the Mick Herron Slough Horses books and your accompanying reviews, podcasts etc… A heartfelt THANK YOU.

  4. Anne Ayres

    C’mon Jeff! Still waiting for your podcast review of Bad Actors! I think I’m almost as addicted to Barbican Station as I am to the Slough House books…
    I will say that when I first read Bad Actors I sort of skimmed through the Sparrow/Whelan/Nash parts, but have since listened over and over and am finding so much pleasure in the construction and characterisation and where it all fits within the overall plot.
    And one of my favourite lines is when the temporarily suspended Taverner visits Nash in the middle of the night and he makes himself some toast (four pieces!), carefully spreading butter, then jam and the resultant ecstatic expression on his face being something that Renaissance painters could only strive to capture.

    1. Sorry, ran into some major technical issues that I’ve just resolved. Hope to have the latest up soon. And definitely back for season two in December!

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