When does season two of SLOW HORSES come out?

The first season of SLOW HORSES ended with a literal bang and gave us a teaser for the second season. Since then, fans have eagerly awaited news of when that season would be released. Well, some information is starting to leak out there.

On the UK Amazon site, there is a listing for a new paperback edition of Dead Lions. It shows the cover as “Final Cover to Be Revealed”. This is likely what is called a tie in edition that is timed to the release of a film or tv show.

When is this edition released? November 3rd. If Apple TV keeps with its Friday release schedule, I would expect the first episode to release on Friday November 4th, 2022. No work yet on whether they will release two episodes on the first day before a weekly schedule like they previously had done.

In an interview with the Radio Times, Herron has said that the second season diverges much more from the source material than the first season did. I’m looking forward to seeing what Will Smith and the rest of his writers have cooked up this November!

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