MI-5 (Spooks in Britain)

MI-5 – Season Seven

Some Spoilers ahead – Read at your own risk

I have a love/hate relationship with MI-5, mostly leaning towards hate. The first 2 ½ seasons were great with multiple engaging characters, thrilling cliffhangers and interesting stories about issues relevant to real intelligence officers. Unfortunately, the last 3 ½ seasons have had much more diminished returns. As much of the original cast began leaving in the third season, their replacements were not as interesting and forced to take part in more and more outlandish plots.
One of the problems with the cast from the past few seasons that continues with this years recruits is they all look more like models than intelligence agents. One of the great things about the cast in the first couple of seasons was their relatively normal appearance. They truly did look like they could blend in as the best of spies do.

We begin this season with the Russians returning a British spy they’ve been keeping on ice for the past 8 years. Could this be the new male lead? But wait what about the current male lead, Adam?  Could another casting change be in the near future…

This sets up the Russians to be this season’s big villian with the overarching question being – can they trust their agent after he’s been in the hands of the Russians for so long? Unfortunately, this possibly interesting idea is overshadowed by the goofy plot twists.

Last Words: For fun spy stories with characters you can be interested in check out the first three seasons, after that it becomes all about the plots and isn’t worth your time.

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