Book 7 – Slough House covers revealed

These were released a couple of months ago, but still worth highlighting. Book seven of the series is titled Slough House, I’m guessing to coordinate with the, now COVID delayed, TV series.

No major redesign to the covers on offer. Publisher John Murray makes a minor adjustment by adding a splash of color to their photo of a silhouette man with the title this book in purple.

UK book cover first edition of Slough House

Soho Press stays with there bright but moody covers for the American market.

US hardcover cover for Slough House

Neither reveal what we might be seeing on the inside. For that, readers will need to wait until February 2021.

5 thoughts on “Book 7 – Slough House covers revealed

  1. Lizzie

    Thanks for posting these! I’m also very excited to listen to the podcast soon. Do you know if there are any plans to have signed copies of this release available? I’ve tried googling but haven’t seen.

    1. I haven’t seen anything about signed editions but I’d be very surprised if Goldsboro Books and possibly Waterstones don’t offer signed editions. A US edition seems more unlikely, but a tipped in signed page might happen. I’ll be keeping an eye out and if I see something I will post about it!

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