Barbican Station – Spook Street – Episode 5

In this episode I take a closer look at the fourth book in the Slough House series, Spook Street, with Clarissa Aykroyd. We talk about hipsters in Shoreditch, literary references, corporate-speak and Herron’s love for London transport mayhem.

Each month we’ll be exploring a different book in the series. All leading up to the release of Book 7, Slough House.

My original look at Spook Street.

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Find Clarissa Akyroyd on Twitter and her blog.

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3 thoughts on “Barbican Station – Spook Street – Episode 5

  1. David Holman

    Fantastic feature on Herron’s Spook Street, and very timely too considering I’m previewing Book #7 Slough House right now.
    Well done, Jeff and Clarissa.

      1. A “Cobra” meeting is so called because of it’s location: Cabinet Office Building Room A (COBRA). There is also a Cabinet Office Building Room B, C etc. but no one refers to these. Well, for a start you can’t pronounce them.

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