More Harm Than Good by Andrew Grant

More Harm Than Good is Andrew Grant’s return to his David Trevellyan spy series after a two year hiatus. His previous novels in the series, Even and Die Twice, were excellent entries into the spy genre. In his latest, gone are the chapter opening observations on spycraft or Trevellyan’s past, which I quite enjoyed for their insights into the character. Instead, MHTG jumps directly into the action, or rather, the end of action, as Trevellyan is finishing his previous mission and ends up in the hospital.

Unlikely as it seems, a trip to the hospital that starts as a bit of a mystery whodunnit that leads to what could be a major terrorist attack on the English government. As Trevellyan follows the trail of clues I liked the sense of dislocation he feels working back in his home country after spending so long in far flung places. Especially now that he realizes he’s protecting citizens that do not appreciate how good they have it. After a methodical first half, the book ratchets up the stakes and doesn’t let you go until it reaches the finale.

Overall it’s a very solid third installment and it was interesting to see Grant mix up the formula. Trevellyan is carving out his own niche among the ranks of Quiller, November Man, Bond and the rest in the spy hall of fame. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the next installment.

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