Spy Games – Spy Quest

Every so often I’ll be highlighting some of the spy games I’ve picked up from various second hand stores over the years. I haven’t played most of these yet, as finding willing spy game participants can be tricky, but I’m hoping to road test some of these as the kids get older.

Now here’s a game with a name after my own heart. Spy Quest: The Game of Secret Agents and Global Intrigue, is a unique concept. Included with the game is a VHS tape (remember those?) that had three different half hour spy sequences. After watching one of the movies there would be various questions to answer about what you’d just seen in order to move across the board and beat your fellow players to the finish line.

It looks like some thoughtful soul has put the video on YouTube.

Did you see ever play this one? Leave your review on the comments below!

3 thoughts on “Spy Games – Spy Quest

  1. Joshua Thomas

    Honestly i never heard of it until today when I found a copy for 12.75 at a thrift store with everything in it.

      1. Joshua Thomas

        Oh yeah i did its silly and fun, having to watch a 30 min video before playing then trying to remember scenes and avoid others traps it was a blast.

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