A Spy Valentine

Spies and romance. They go together like hand to fingerprint disguising glove. But how do we rank some of fictions greatest spies in the romance department? Well, if you’re looking to romance a spy, buyer beware.

Let’s take a closer look –

James Bond –

Pros – Frequently wears a tuxedo. Dines in the best restaurants, drives fancy cars.

Cons – Frequently gets his dates killed.

Alec Leamas –

Pros – You get to travel and see one of the Cold War’s most iconic sites.

Cons – You end up a witness for the prosecution against the aforementioned Leamas and your trip ends up prematurely canceled.

Jack Ryan –

Pros – Family man, becomes president.

Cons – You married a desk jockey but ended up with an operative.

Dominika Egorova

Pros – Beautiful, has been trained in the art of seduction.

Cons – The commute to Moscow to visit her is a bear. Your rival to be her boyfriend is Valdimir Putin.

George Smiley

Pros – Dependable, always ready to forgive your latest transgressions.

Cons – Loses your one gift to him. Looks like a toad.

Jackson Lamb –

Pros – I’m thinking…

Cons – Too many to list.

Harry Palmer –

Pros – Loves to cook. Takes you to the beach

Cons – The beach is at a neutron bomb test site.

Who is your spy valentine? Sound off in the comments below!

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