Spy Games – Season Finale – Bravo’s Reality TV show Recap

Matthew Bradford and Jeff Quest recap and give their opinions on episode 8, the season finale, titled The Final Mission of Bravo’s new reality TV show – Spy Games.

Who was crowned the ultimate spy?

FYI – We had a little audio wackiness for the first couple minutes before it cleared up.

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Links –

The Weirdest Subway Restaurant in America by Byron Tau

Shooter, Passer, Dictator, Spy by Shaun Raviv

Matthew Bradford’s site

Bravo’s page for Spy Games

Cast List

Mia Kang Website

Doug Laux book Left of Boom

Evy Poumpouras website

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2 thoughts on “Spy Games – Season Finale – Bravo’s Reality TV show Recap

  1. Tyler

    Thank you Jeff and Matthew for your coverage of “Spy Games” this season. I stumbled upon the show not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was far from perfect, but I found something in each episode to enjoy and there were some great moments and characters that reminded me why I love competitive reality shows.

    Listening to your podcast each week was both fun and insightful. I thought you all did a great job reviewing the show, being fair to the contestants and producers when pointing out what they did right and what they didn’t, and giving some valuable ideas for how to improve “Spy Games” if it were to return for another season (here’s hoping!). I was also fascinated by all of your references to spy literature, which is something I had no knowledge of but now am quite interested in checking out. Any advice on where to start?

    Thanks again guys for covering the show, and thanks to Charnel for coming on to share her experience!


    1. Thanks for your kind note! I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast! We hope the show comes back too.
      Gosh, where to start with spy fiction! You probably can’t go wrong trying some Ian Fleming for James Bond or John le Carré’s Call for the Dead or The Spy Who Came in from the Cold.
      Let us know how dipping you’re toe into spy fiction goes!

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