Barbican Station – Joe Country – Episode 7

In this episode I take a closer look at the sixth book in the Slough House series, Joe Country, with guest Shane Whaley of the Spybrary podcast. We discuss working conditions for mercenaries, Jackson Lamb’s toenails, and most importantly, Wales! We also talk about Peter Johnson, or is that Boris Judd? Plus Shane gives us his insights on Herron after meeting him at the le Carré lecture and producing interviews with Herron for the Spybrary podcast.

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Each month we’ll be exploring a different book in the series. All leading up to the release of Book 7, Slough House.

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2 thoughts on “Barbican Station – Joe Country – Episode 7

  1. Christine Lapping

    I was saddened by Emma’s death because I was enjoying the developing friendship between Emma and Louisa.

    Also, Jackson Lamb was always Brian Cox for me, who.may be Scottish, but nowhere does it say Jackson is English.

    Enjoyed listening to all the Slough House podcasts today; a veritable feast!

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