Spy Games – Spies!

Every so often I’ll be highlighting some of the spy games I’ve picked up from various second hand stores over the years. I haven’t played most of these yet, as finding willing spy game participants can be tricky, but I’m hoping to road test some of these as the kids get older.

Spies! is a gamer’s game. It’s the kind of game that has no shame in included a rule booklet labeled “Long Game Rules of Play” and that’s when the “short” rules were several pages long. This is a game with over 200 little game tokens. This is a game with a giant table sized map.

This is a game not for the faint of heart.

Set just before World War II, players are the five big players in Europe and games could take several hours.

I’ve never found four other souls willing to head into the heart of darkness, but someday I will. Hopefully when I do I’ll make it through to the other side.

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