Espionage Magazine and Antony Johnston podcasts

I guest hosted a couple of recent episodes of the Spybrary podcast that I thought folks might want to check out.

First, I had the opportunity to interview comic and book writer extraordinaire Antony Johnston. Our conversation covered everything from his first brushes with spy tv and fiction, his work on Greg Rucka’s excellent Queen & Country comic series, his graphic novel The Coldest City which was adapted into the blockbuster film ATOMIC BLONDE, and his newest book series focused on a hacker/spy Brigitte Sharp. It was a pleasure talking spies with Antony and I really appreciated him coming on the show.

Second, I took a deep dive into a piece of forgotten spy fiction history for Spybrary. In the mid-80’s two suburban housewives became publishers of Espionage Magazine, the only outlet for spy short stories. I found their backgrounds and what happened to the magazine made for a fascinating story. I was joined by writer Josh Pachter, a short story writer and Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine stalwart. Josh had several stories published in the digest and he grew close to Jackie Lewis, one of the editors. I was grateful for the chance to highlight this bit of spy fiction’s past.

I’m a bit biased but I recommend checking out both episodes, as well as some of the other great work Shane has been doing lately on Spybrary. Click on the links above or search for Spybrary in your favorite podcast app.

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