Spy Games – Cold War: CIA vs. KGB

Every so often I’ll be highlighting some of the spy games I’ve picked up from various second hand stores over the years. I haven’t played most of these yet, as finding willing spy game participants can be tricky, but I’m hoping to road test some of these as the kids get older.

The latest spy game to look at is Cold War: CIA vs. KGB. This is a card based game where the two opponents are trying to earn a certain amount of points without getting too many points.

Cover art for Cold War  CIA vs KGB

As always, Board Game Geek has a nice write up and a few reviews of the game. Overall, folks seem to enjoy it, although it sounds a bit too fiddle for my taste.

Back Cover of  Cold War : CIA vs KGB

Did you see ever play this one? Leave your review on the comments below!

One thought on “Spy Games – Cold War: CIA vs. KGB

  1. Anne Ayres

    I’m not a Gamer, but I do enjoy a good spy film or tv series. I thought the “Thirteen Days” one with Kevin Costner about the Cuban Missile crisis was excellent and under-rated. Maybe I love that era because I lived through it – I was just 14 and remember looking out through our net curtains at the world outside and woindering if we’d all be here by the foillowing week!

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