Barbican Station – Slough House – Episode 11

In this episode we take a look at the latest book with the slow horses, Slough House, with guest Professor Penny Fielding. We discuss what people will think of the books in 20 years, how this book is similar to Slow Horses and that ending. All that and more in this episode.

Find Penny Fielding on Twitter here or on her academic bio here.

Penny’s episode on on Spybrary.

More on the Bullingdon Club here.

Follow the latest news about the upcoming AppleTV adaption here.

Each month we’ve explored a different book in the series. Culminating with the release of Book 7, Slough House.

For more on the slow horses, click here.

Track down the real Slough House here.

2 thoughts on “Barbican Station – Slough House – Episode 11

  1. Anne Ayres

    Love the Barbican Station music to the podcasts, what’s it called and who’s the composer? “End credits” please!
    Just a day or two now before Bad Actors reaches our letterboxes and e-readers, I’m listening to all your podcasts to help pass the time! Really enjoyed the taster (teaser?) of the wonderful Sean Barrett reading the first few pages…

    1. So glad to hear you’re enjoying the show! I’ll be posting a show looking at the last episode of the tv series before dropping a little teaser episode for Bad Actors.

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